Common patent translation issues and our solutions.

Question	What kind of translator will do the translation?

Test Translation (free trial translation)

For first time orders, large volume, or ongoing cases, we offer a free "test translation." After considering the price and seeing an actual sample of the product, you can feel safe in trusting your important patent translations to us.

Question	Is it possible to file applications in any country?


Yes. We take the patent practices of each country into consideration

Question	Patent specifications are highly specialized. Can you really handle this?

Transparent translation process

Before translation begins, we provide consultation services with the person in charge. We also provide options to meet our customer's needs and budget, and properly prepare patent specifications in foreign languages for the given intellectual properties.



Discussions with the person in charge
The person in charge is engaged before translation even begins. Source document content is checked and important aspects of the translation work are confirmed in consolation with the customer.

Source text reconstitution
For ongoing orders, we ensure that work is handled by translators who understand the customer's needs.
・Translation ・Drawings preparation
We can conduct a thorough review of your potential rights acquisition content.

?English check ・Technology check
A thorough English check along with a technical check with consideration given to background knowledge will ensure reliable specifications preparation.

Patent Attorney check
Legal checks can be conducted by a patent attorney upon request.

Customer approval
Services are flexible in the event of source document revisions, etc.

Filing application


As a member of a translation company group, we are able to offer services in virtually any language!

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Major Technology Fields We Handle

Mechanics Electrical and Electronic Communications Chemical Medical Bio Technology
* Please contact us regarding specific technology fields.
* We are unable to guarantee the availability of services for all fields.